what is this blog about?

G’day! Thanks for stopping by. It’s about adventures and antics that I get up to in Taiwan.

If you like abandoned buildings, outdoor adventure and exploration but also want to read about events, local encounters and the occasional awkward cultural nuances and my personal thoughts of living in Taiwan, then this might be the mixed-bag of a blog for you.


It started with cheap air flights and a spontaneous decision.  Then a trip to Yangmingshan, a Taoist temple on a rainy night, and a hidden tea shop that had me completely entralled. I’m all about the road less travelled, the little details and unexpected surprises. Taiwan encapsulates all this for me.

the author

My name is Quyen (call me Q) and I hail from Adelaide, South Australia.  I’m an ex-government officer-turned-editor naturally consumed by wanderlust, currently living the free and good life. Found Taiwan and I never want to leave! Now that I live here, I want to dive deeper and discover more about my new home. I think Taiwan has plenty to offer, and for every interest!

I’m the one pulling killer kung fu moves in the picture there by the way.

work with me

If you like to contact me for writing projects or have any comments, questions and suggestions, I welcome them all!

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Q!
    Im a Taiwanese used to live in Western Australia!
    I love Aussie so much
    And so happy to see you are enjoing my country too

    Thanks for liking Taiwan
    Hope you all the best and keep having great fun in Taiwan


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